Get Your Sustainable Giftwrap

Perfectly good fabrics end up in incinerators or landfills. About 60% of garments do so within a year of production! I’ve been wanting to contribute to a solution and decided to save textiles from landfills by turning them into giftwraps. This doesn’t only prevent fabrics going to landfills, but the use of wrapping paper as well.

My trial batch is christmas themed. There are four different fabrics that come in three sizes. Each giftwrap comes with a ribbon to help wrap your gifts up.

Bright red (40x40cm)

Print (50x50cm)

Texture print (40x40cm; 60x60cm)

Supple and soft (40x40cm; 50x50cm; 60x60cm)

One wrap is € 3,-, but you can make any combination of four wraps for € 10,-. I currently only ship to Norway and the Netherlands. Shipping costs depend on the country and weight of the package, but will never exceed € 4,-.

Contact me on Instagram to order, or buy through my Tise-account.

It’s very easy to use the giftwraps. You can tie them using knots, or use ribbons for wraps made of a thicker fabric. Need some inspiration? Enjoy these videos of the Japanese art of Furoshiki and surprise you loved ones this christmas with an extra special giftwrap!


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