Eyes are windows to the soul, so it is said. New Heroes and Het Zuidelijk Toneel, amongst other partners, created eyes to function as windows to the city of Den Bosch. Thus, experiencing OOG may give you an insight to the soul of the city. Or even beyond that?

OOG is an experience. You take place in what looks like a rollercoaster seat and get ridden into the eye. What follows is, in my opinion, something that goes beyond an animation. I would recommend to experience OOG yourself, to understand what I mean with that.

I regard this artwork as urban design. The creators label it as a city artwork. It has been some weeks since I experienced OOG. It was only today though that something struck me; this has actually been the first time that I have experienced urban design as an art form. At least in the sense in which you normally enjoy a piece of art, you undergo; co-create it. I could not recall another example of urban design which you can experience in this way. I think and hope we may see such cross-disciplinary works more often in the near future.

You, yourself can now get involved with this project! OOG is actually looking for people to host the artwork during its coming run period. Not only are hosts aloud to experience OOG for free, a special meeting with the creating artist Lucas de Man is organised and hosts receive a small reimbursement for their troubles. This is your chance to get involved with this unique and innovative artform!

For more info on the project go to www.oogdenbosch.nl
To get involved as host, send an e-mail to: host@oogdenbosch.nl


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